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Greenery Lifestyle

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Introducing the greener way to shop.

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The Problem

Consumers are now more eco-conscious about their buying decisions.

Fifty-four percent of consumers find more value in sustainable products and are actively considering more environmental-friendly ways to shop.

Our Solutions



Online Shopping

  • We only use plant-based mailers and bubble wrap.
  • We offer group delivery orders.
  • We partner with businesses that are passionate about sustainability.
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Cashless Payment

  • Pay using credit/debit card or payment wallets.
  • Top-up using Greenery Wallet for convenience.
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Client Feedback

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Ingrid Correa, Personal Trainer

Greenery Lifestyle really answers my need for more sustainable online shopping!

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Neil Tran, Marketing Manager

I love it! Everything I need is here. Greenery Lifestyle is convenient and eco-friendly.

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Andie Yuhui, Veterinarian

As someone who is passionate about sustainability, this service is a dream come true.

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